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Tony Magner

Born in 1961 in New York City, Magner began creating art at the age of five. He realized very quickly that he had a gift. At 17, Magner decided to use these talents professionally and began a successful career as a graphic artist. After 30 years in New York, he left the city and settled in Taos, New Mexico. Here he was able to concentrate fully on his craft, investigating areas of fine art that were neglected during his more commercial endeavors. He has since returned to the city which he considers and provides him with his greatest inspiration: New York. Virtually self-taught, Magner calls upon his natural gift as his means of expressing himself. His style can vary from the super-realism of his still life and figurative paintings to the tonalism of his landscapes; experimenting along the way, unattached to any specific movement or school of thought. Magner’s work captures natural, radiant light adding sculptural depth to the objects that he renders. He paints traditional subjects with a contemporary style. He strives to bring out an object’s inviting, inner light by creatively manipulating various elements of design, highlight and shadow. Magner’s appeal is vast, due greatly to his reflections on both classical and well known composition. The familiarity of his style and subject matter immediately attracts a wide array of audiences. Still, Magner’s innovative decision-making and deviations from the norm are what keep viewers captivated by his paintings. From the November 2004 Elle Italiana article: “New York is difficult to paint - with all of those square skyscrapers. It can look to much like a postcard. One day, I saw an old photograph of a young boy about eight years old, with a 40’s style hat tilted back on his head, a little like James Cagney, and I realized what I wanted my style to be.” New York after Magner’s return in 1996 seemed and continues to seem to him to be enchanting and incredibly romantic, but not the people currently living on its streets. New York in the 1940’s captures a special time in American history, an elegance sometimes forgotten. We all came to New York following a dream and these elegant and magical paintings help to remind up that New York is a very beautiful place to live.

Out of the Shadow
Maltese Falcon
Early Exercise
Sea of Hats